About Us

Created by Sarah as a means to talk about her favorite show before she exploded, Timeless-Online has one current goal: To increase Timeless’s chance of a season three renewal through the production of high-quality articles and episode reviews.

We want to talk about Timeless. We want you to talk about Timeless. We want everyone talking about Timeless.

Previously, Sarah’s social media presence was limited to the @timelessbot on twitter, which was her way of spreading the word about this television show. The bot, while being her baby, is a cranky baby, and prone to tantrums. Thus this site became a way for Sarah to regain some control – and put things into her own words.

But she found her own words were not enough, and so Bex  (@awrighterinbriz) was recruited to help write episode reviews, having proved herself capable through her reviews on SpoilerTV and Fangirlish. A busy fandom member, Bex also recently took over the Timeless-Fanfic-Prompt blog on tumblr, and her own fanfiction can be found at AO3.

And we currently have an opening for one more writer, someone interested in taking on more character-specific articles. Use the Contact page if you think you’d fit with us. We’d love to hear from you.